When my friend told me that his Kirghistan’s visa got declined, my stress’s level has increased significavly lolol. I was not prepared for this and I was not expecting to go there alone. It took me a day or two to get use to this new idea. However, Immediatly after, I meet a lot of people who have reassured me and encouraged me to keep on focusing on this big objective and dream Im having since years. Why are you so stress have bike in Tibet, you can do it…you are so close, go ! There are bad people everywhere, just heard good thing about the Pamir This is what I need right now lolol. If you are nervous for me, and you cannot control your own stress, we’ll talk after the Pamir ! I have also contacted a warm shower’s host in Dushanbe. She was not able to host me but she gaves me the email adress of a girl who just did it. I wrote her and she told me that in Tajikistan and on the Pamir, she feel very very safe. Man were just wandering why she was alone. They thought it was sad, maybe she did not have any friends…. We are having dinner together and she will give me more details about the road.

Every time that I’m visiting a Islamic, I’m always nervous. We have been so much brainwash about this religion. Of course, there are some fundamantalist but…most of people are just so kind ! Everytime, I’m falling in love with those countries ! Stan tour, a private agency that is specialised into central asia trip, has gave me my recommandation letter for 30 days for Tajikistan. After I got the letter, I ask David if it was possible for me to extend my trip. I wanted to have more time in Dushanbe to maybe meet other cyclists. David told me this was very difficult and that they were not assisting tourist into this process. When I got at the airport to pick up my visa, the consular gave me a 45 days double entry for only 45 US dollar and he said: come back in tajikistan ! An airport’s employe has help me to carry me luggage to the taxi, pleople were smiling back at me….. welcome….People are trying to communicate with me and surprisly, people are not too bad in english in Dushanbe. So much big change from Georgia. I though those people had no manner and were rude. Someone had told me that they were much  nice if you were speaking Russian. I have been in so many countries now in my life. The language barrier should not influence the relation between people. I feel more safe here. I feel I can ask help to anyone in the street and I know everyone would be happy to help me ! Very happy to be back into an islamic country ! Funny too….such a turkish manner…when I wnet out of the aiport, a turkish business man came too me and he ask me if everything was alright before to go away. He told me that I could call him anytime if I needed sometime. This is Turkey’s hospitality !

This morning, I went at the OVIR office to get my Pamir highway permit. The last two months, It has been very difficult for many cyclists to obtain this permit. The OVIR office is officially giving again the permit ! Here is how you should proceed to get it. It is very easy:

1. By bike or by taxi, get to the OVIR office. Near there, about 300 meters, go to the Amonat bank and pay 20 solomi. They will give you a receipt

2. Go back to the OVIR office. When you are facing the orange building, open the white door (right). Give him your receipt and passeport to the first window.

3. When you have the photocopy of your passeport and visa, go to the last window. Give the receipt and the photocopy to the officer. It did not happen to me, but he may ask you for more money…..do not give more monet lolol. He may be insisting but stay polite and firm. Never give your passeport ….only the photocopy. Welcome in tajikistan.

Cue: I read on internet that Tajikistan is safe but very corrupted ! Here is a tip ….Have a copy of your passeport and visa ready. If on the road they are asking your passeport, you can only give them the copy…I believe its safer.

Tomorrow, Im moving to the adventure’s inn. It is where most cyclists are staying usually. It cost 6 $ to pitch your tent in the garden. There is presently a lot cyclist’s traffic on the Pamir. Maybe I will be able to team with someone. Its almost impossible on internet to get the adress. Here is the phone number : 93 501 45 93. Im ging to buy a SIM card. So, you will be able to call me on the road…maybe for my birthday on July 31 😉


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