SIx days to go !

Crazy ! Can I buy some few days 😉

I’m ready to go. A lot of people are wandering what is my mood right now. It is kind of weird. I don’t realise at all I’m going back on the bike for a year. In six days, I’ll be in Italia with my good friend Martine, watching sunset over the Adriatic sea. CRAZY ! I  feel lucky  and I would not exchange my place with anyone else. Bike touring is happiness and I  love it so bad ! I would love if everyone could experience this great feeling  of pure happiness! Sometime I think about the bad think that could happen. I think it is normal to have these thoughts…But as soon as their appear in my mind, I chase them  away. It’s not worth it. I know all these kinds and this stress is part of the hole thing. Is in it why we love adventure.  I’m aware of all of those things  and I don’t want to let the fear paralyse me. I want to live my life with out any regrets.

I have spend another winter in the white mountain skiing with all my friends. Many unforgettable weekends. It has been my home for the past two years.  So much greats memories ! I like the following motto: don’t cry because it over but smile because it has happen. I’ll miss you for the next year. When I will come back, I will be in a very good shape. Be ready ! I’m going to all kick your ass when I come back.













The last three months, me and Martine have participated to some  classes of spinning.  I have been also out on skis many time. I feel I’m in very good shape. Every year, I get injure when bike.  At home, I don’t really do any bicycle. Touring bike is for me a way to escape the tourist path, meet the local peoples. I don’t consider myself as a cyclist. So, every time I go on a bike trip, I get to much excited and I do long day riding without having done any good preparation. So, I injure my knee. Already this year,  I’ve been out with my bike, fully loaded in the Gatineau area with my friend Martine. This is a good preparation ! Hopefully, all of this will prevent any injuries ! The Croatia’s coast is supposed to be very hilly. We are ready !

This trip is significantly more expensive than what I had expected ! In order to raise money, I have done a lottery. The winner won a gift that represent 10 % of the total amount that have been collected. My very good friend, Melanie Larose, won the lottery. A gift of her choice will be bought in the country of her choice. I have also done a small talk for the Alpin club of Outaouais. It was very nice to do. ‘m already excited to do some more when I will come back ! I really hope to inspired as many people as possible !

A friend at work will take my car for the year. I’m happy to keep my car and not having to sell it. When I come back, I won’t have any more due payment.  I’m already planning to put all this money away…Yes…I’m a long term thinker…I think it’s why I’m able to achieve my gold. Planning ahead if some time necessary to be able to achieve your dream ! All of my furniture’s are also places in a friend’s storage.

Yesterday, I had a fantastic dinner with my friend / boss and her family. They also love travelling and it was important for them, that I share my passion with their children Alice and Téo. Alice also love riding her bike. I went out with the two kids for a short ride in the neiborhood. They also gave my a nice  card that they have crafted which said: Bon voyage l’aventurière ! At the end of the night, we looked at all my photos from my previous trip. In few years, they are planning to visit Malaysia. Alice was curious about many details. Her curiosity about the world make me think she has a great travelling carrier in front of her ! Thank you Alice and Téo.


I have visited my parents and my sister in Montréal. I hate saying good bye. I would skip that part. However,  it is great to have access to all this technology ! You will all never be to far away !



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