Eat, pray and love

English books are not alway easy to find along the way. Been mostly out of any tourist path. Having finished few days ago the excellent book named, the world until yesterday, written y Jared diamond, I was very happy to find yesterday on the reception’s desk of my guesshouse, the well known book named: Eat, Pray and Love. This book make me smile a lot. A bliss ! She not afraid to share her very intimate thoughts trhu humour. As me, Elizabeth, 31 years old, had everything in life: a house, a husband, a very good job. They had plan to have a baby. However, she realise soon enought that his life was the the one she wanted. She left everything and went travelling. Ok, I still have my job, which I love but so many times, as her, I had wander If I had done the right thing (break-up with my ex). I have shared with my ex-partner 8 beautifuls years. We had so much memories ! Don’t get me wrong. I have never regret my decision. However, this is a atypical way of doing which brought up a lot of doughts about myself (Should I have do more effort, Am I selfish, what happinest is about…family, house……). The society’s reflection has evoqued into myself so many doughts. Unfortunatly, the answer is very straight forward, I was just not happy anymore in this relationship. However, unlike me, she undergo trhu deep depression afterwards lengthy procedures related with her divorce.

Along her travel, she went in Italie to learn Italian just because this was something she was dreaming about, not because it was useful. She also wanted to enjoy life, which Italien knows how to do it. I think this is why I love Europeen. Those peoples are so epicurean ! Let me share with you some lines of her book that make me laught outloud. I know Exacly what she means !

…. At the market, in morning, my attention got caught on a bunch of fresh bright green asparagus. Then, I asked the women if she was located at the same place in the market every morning because I was interresing to buy those every day for breakfast. She replied that she was there every morning at 7 hrs. I returned to my apartment on foot. That morning, I ate two beautiful eggs, accompanied by my asparagus, olives and a little goat cheese, two slices of salmon and a little olive oil. For dessert, I ate a beautiful peache offered by a lady in the market, still warm from the sun. I looked at this delight food for a long time, without being able to touch it. The art of doing something from nothing. In Italie, this is called, l ‘arte d’arrangiarsi. I sat on the floor, heated by the ray of light, I ate everything until the last bite while also reading the italien newspaper. I could feel the hapiness thru out each piece of my whole body.

Until as has often happened in recent years, my guilt alarm is triggered. I heard the voice of my ex-husband said: That’s why have abandonned everything ? You have destroyed all our whole life in common for some asparagus and a good piece of cheese !

Then, I replied out loud: Primo, this is not of your business anymore. Secondo, to answer to your question yes ! …..

I feel i have broke up with my ex for the same reason. For a bunch or fresh green aspergus. Sch a simple thing but essential. Just wanted to be happy again. We have only one life to live and I believe this one should be fullfill with hapiness !



Une réponse à “Eat, pray and love

  1. Sehr schön. Ich verstehe dich vollkommen. Ich bin jedes Jahr mit dem Fahrrad in Italien. Ich liebe Italien und dieses Leben in Italien.
    Very beautiful. I totally understand you. I am every year by bike in Italy. I love Italy and this life in Italy.

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