Bali lagi (back to bali)

November 17 -21:

I spend some others days south of Sumbawa, in Bawah’s village, another surfing spot. However, this place was way more quiet than Kuta, Lombok. Because it is far away of Bali, only surfers are coming here. It is not really develop. Like in your dream…my bungalow was near by the beach, a beach almost deserted from anything with cristal blu water. Not like Bali, weher they are so many guesshouse one after the other one. Natural beauty.The property was very simple and traditional. Every night, by the restaurent along the beach, I have enjoyed beautiful sunset while drinking a fresh manggo smootie and eating a banana pancake.

As a previously said, I’ts the first time I’m felling sad to leave a country. Futher east you go on those islands, more beautiful it is. I would have keep going east ! In Bawah, I spend few days to write a draft for adventure planet magasine. This magasine can be pruchase from Ipad (kiosque). This stop at Bawah has been really positive. Few days later, after having send my draft, I got a poisitive answer from the editor. My article will be publish soon ! I already got some articles about describing my trip in newspaper but, it is the first time I’m writting an article. I’m currently waiting for another asnwer from another magasine. I would like to develop my writtin skills and write more articles. This would allowed me to reach more people and express myself about differents topics. Thoses years spend on the road have though me so many things and I wish to be able to share those ! Make all those days spend on the road a bit more meanful.

November 21-22:
Biking back to Lombok and Bali. On Lombok, I have took a different road. I went trhu the main road in the middle of the island. The road was much more busy than the coast road and was going trhu big towns. Because I feel more confortable to ask hospitality in smallers villages, I went to the police station. This make me laught so much…Even if I know they will allowed me to stay at the station in my tent, I’m always surprise to see how obvious it is. As if I was requesting a hotel’s romm. Everytime, It make them very happy to have a foreign guess. In Lombok, they gave me a room with fan for the night.


I took the ferry to Bali the next day. The boat got really late in Padang bai, Bali. The ferry got stock in the harbour for more than 2 hours. I got in Padang Bai around 19 hrs. I had plan to stay there for one or two nights before visiting my friend back to Denpasar. Padang Bai is a very small villlage on the east coast. This is the main port to go to Lombok and the famous Gilis islands. It was late and I did not want to go to an hotel. I went at the police station but…I was not confident because this area was full of guesshouses and the police station was very small. They had no place for me to pitch the tent. I went in and after having explain my situation they told me: of course, we have a room ! No way !!!!

November 22-23:
Swimming, writting ….
Don’t even know why I have stop in Padang Bai. So many tourists again. Nothing as south Lombok and Sumbawa. Walking in those streets and been stop by every people : you want some cheap glasses, where do you go, you need a lift, want a sarong….Leave me alone !!!!! I hate those places. Feeling almost sorry for those people, feeling they are running after any pennies, slave..Waiting for my answer but not really carrying about my person. So, I stayed in my guesshouse and I have enjoyed relaxing by the pool.

November 24:
Got to my friend place in Bali in the morning. I’m flying on November 26 to Bangkok. I will be staying with my friend’s brother, downtown of Bangkok. He’s working for the Canadian ambassady.
My friend in Bali found me a bicycle box.This is very helpful because they are living away from the center and it would have been hard to get the box. They have also gave me a very nice painting which has been painted by the painter of their kingdom. This a painting of my friend, the queen and my friend Sandiago, the priest (Hinddu priest). This is even more special because one of the painter’s painting went trhu local news because of miracle. Drop of tears were dropping from the dauther’s king eyes (painting of the dauther’s King of the Majapahit kingdom hundren of years ago) on the painting. This is the perfect souvenir from Indonesia ! When she gave it to me she said…don’t sell it 😉 Of course NOTTTTTTTT. And this is my first painting ever !


Of course, all of my friends here in Bali would love to match me with a Balineese man. I told them, unfortunatly, I was already married…with my bike lolol. Previously, I had shown them my type of guy on internet: long hair, beard…adventure style…which is pretty much the opposite of indonesian’s man. Here is my friend reply: no problem, you find those kind of mans deap in rural’s villages. Another friend, to convince me, told me: our mans in Bali are smalls and hot chili pepper ! I laught out loud !!!!!

Indonesia, I will be back one day ! This is such a great country ! Friendly people, very ggod food, lot of natural diversities, rewarding (hills), nice dirty roads, beautiful villages, amazing beaches and bay. I have so many friends here ! Some places can be very busy but, buy a good map and get off the main road. Explore ! Get a 211 visa (2 months) not a visa on arrival (this visa can be renew 4 times) and keep heading east. There are so much to see !

November 25:

Last day in Bali….
Went with my friend to Klapa resort beach club in Bali ! Drinking some beers and eating westerner food !




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