Message of peace

Message of peace

Muslim are good people ! Unfortunatly, last October, a Muslim ‘s extremist has killed a soldier on the puclic place in Ottawa and another guy went in the Parlement to shoot some of our politiciens. Good thing, they have caught him just on time ! Right after this, you could read on Facebook some messages of hate toward this religion such as..they should go back to their homeland. I’m not a religious person, I don’t believe in any gods.. However, this is totally a lack of awareness and knowlages. I have been travelling thru Tadjikistan, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia and many others muslim’s countries. Under those fat clothes, hijabs, turbans, behind those beards, there are lovely human beings !! They are so many types of muslims and not every of them are extremists. In Indonesia, many mans went down their cars to help me to push my bike over short and steep hills. In Iran, many owners of restaurents have offered me a meal for free. In Tadjikistan, many mans and womens have offered me a bed for the night. In Turkey, people were offering me tea along the way. Those are just few exemples how muslim’s people have been good with me. They are always happy if you stay one more night. They have always looking after me as a member of their family !



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