Lombok – Sumbawa


Finally! I got my passeport back after 9 days ! Such a relief ! I’m very thankful I have meet Agung and Ayu. What would I have done ofr such a long period in Bali. Its not like I could have been for a short trip because I had to come back and fourth. Of course, when I left them I have cried. They have been very attentionate to my needs and they have help me as much as they could. When I left all of my firnds, Auy has told me: remember, Bali is home. I left Bali the same day I got my passeport back. I wanted to take the night ferry because I did not want to loose another day and I wanted to bike in the morning. The driver drove me at 23 hrs to the port ! The boat’s ride took about 4 hrs to cross to Lembar, Lombok. The price of the ferry is about 5 $ per way. I brought on the deck my matress and sleeping back. I have been able to sleep few hours after having took a gravol. I’m sometime sea sick ! Brrrrr


October 30:
This morning, I have been woke up on the ferry my the praying coming from the mosque at the lembar’s portin Lombok. I use to enjoy it very much in the morning. However now, I think it does not feel so special anymore and I get annoyed when the mollah is praying at 4 am. Please, let me sleep ! This morning, when I left the port, I was happy to see everyone smilling back at me, saying Hey Mrs, hello ! Unfortunatly, it had stopped when I was in Bali ! In Bali, I felt I was ANOTHER tourist.

Today, on the road, I have meet many good people. Many have help me to push my bike over many short steep hills, some gave me breakfast and lunch, another one gave me a coconut to drink ! Everyone is trying at his best to help me in this canicule ! In Lombok, the local people are as nice as in Java but their are SO excited when they see me. They get very hyperactive! Its almost too much ! They are touching my skin, my arm, they laught out loud, making so many jokes I can bearly understand. They sit on my bike, try my helmet. They are very nice and very very very friendly. I had read few lines of another blogger’s website and he had said the pacific’s people were among the most friendly people. I would agree with this statement.

Today, late afternoon, I found a nice family who has accepted to host me in a traditionnal village along the coastline. They were living in a very very very small traditional vilage. Their house was build with bamboos and the electricity was supplied by a generator. When I went in my tent, they all have surronded my tent to look at me with lamp. For dinner, they have gave me the traditionnal lombok dish which is a jack fruit curry served with rice.



October 31:
Happy Halloween ! I don’t really feeling it here been away from the tourist area. I heard they are celebrate it in Denpasar, Bali.

This morning, it has took me 5 hours to do 25 km. Again, the temperature was very hot and the road was very hilly !!!! Here, the hills are not as long as in Java but there are short an steep ! Howevere, so rewarding when you get on the top of those little hills. The view is amazing ! This is why I always keep my smile and still enjoy it ! I got in Kuta at 13h. Kuta is a nice little tourist village along the south coast. The home of many foreign’s surfers.


October 31- 2:
Holiday from the holiday in Paradise ! Swimming, eating, swimming, eating…Spotting the surfers lololol !! I have not seen any good looking guys for a while. What a pleasure ! Long hair, cool glasses, big barb…

My initial plan was to spend only one night in Kuta. When I woke up the next morning, I felt so exhausted that I have decided to stay other day. Then, the next morning, I thought it could be nice to enjkoy the beach downtown. Then, the next morning, I told myself it would be nice to visit around with a motobike. I spend 3 days in Kuta. I just love the atmosphere either if there are some tourists. I feel this place is different from the other tourist places. Most of the tourists are trying to speak few words in bahasa Indonesia, the locals are smilling, the beaches around there are so beautiful. The south coast of lombok is surronded by pure white sandy beaches and the water is pristine.


I’m staying at Banana guesshouse for 10 $ per day, including the breakfast (banana pancake !). Every day, I had meal at nana warung (restaurent), which is just located behing the guesshouse. In Kuta, I have also so meet my first foreign cyclist in Indonesia. Indonesia is a very big country and they are many alternative roads. We spend some time together. The conversation were not always easy…he’s from spain and hardly speak english. Still, it was pretty fun and use to it !

November 3:
This morning, it has been very hard to left Kuta. I have really enjoy this surfing paradise. This morning, the road was up and down but it was not hard as before Kuta. The road was very beautiful. No more view on the reef but, the road went thru very small villages. Before having my second breakfast or my early lunch, I felt very weak. Was it because I had rest to much the last few days, the heat, because I ate to much….Maybe because of my two chocolate banana pancakes lololol. When I took my ealy lunch, I felt suddently better. This afternoon, heading to Labuan Lombok to get the ferry, the road was flat. Few Km before the port, I have stopped at the police station for the night. They have allowed me to pitch my tent. At night, the kids that live near by brough me two coconuts (drink). When I left the next morning, one of the police officer has thank me for having stay there. This would not happen home ! Until now, I have stayed in local villages, kapala desa house and police station. I also heard it was possible to stay in churches and Koramil (green building – army).

November 4:
Just got in Sumbawa. Sumbawa is located east of Lombok. By ferry, it take 1.5 to reach the coast and the boat cost about 3 $ per way. As Lombok, Sumbawa is muslim. The ride was nice, following the coast and the road was mainly flat. Sumbawa is far more quiet than Bali or Lombok.

Today, I met my first ?$%$?..on the road…asking me for sex. I said, my FIRST time in INdonesia. Everyone is so nice with me. I’m never feel scare in INdonesia. Been on the road for few months, I have much more confidence that I use to have on my own. Very straight forward, I told him : maybe I should call the police ! Then, he just left !

Tonight, I went to see the Kapala desa (mayor of the village). He found me a place to pitch my tent on someone land. Usually, every families are invited me to sleep inside but I like it better to have my personnal space. Most if the time, they don’t have a room for me and I’m bored by the noise, light and late sleep. Better in my tent ! I feel I can escape to it at any moments.

November 5 – 7:
On of the reason I went to Sumbawa was to visit pulau Mojo (island). This morning, when I went at the port, people were trying to sell me the ride for 50 $ per way. I did not know but Pulau Mojo was the home of a very luxurius hotel. Many celebrties such as David Beckham, Lady Diana have stayed there. The hotel name is Amanwana and it cost about 1000 $ per night ! This may explain why they were trying to sell me a boat ride for so much, thinking I’m very rich too ! I was upset and I knew the local people were not paying this price. But, there are no official ferry and you have to deal with the guy at the port. Someone had told me the local were paying about 2 $. They will never drop their price from 50 $ to 2 $ ! Previously, I had meet someone from the tourist information so then, I have decided to go bvack to have more information which may allowed me to deal better with them. Along the way, I then told myself, maybe I have not meet the guys from this tourist information for nothing..Maybe something good will happen to me again ! Been on the road for so long, I know now everytime something is going not the way I want, there is always something very good happeing to me. After having explain my situation, the guy called someone from his relative.. No way…the guy he had calll was going to the island for two nights with some friends and I was invited to join them for free. At first, I was not too sure. Going on a island with a bounch of guys that I don’t know at all. But the guy from the office reaure me, telling he was a member of his family and I could trust him. I then trust his words…following my instinct.

We have spend two days, two nights on the south east point of Pulau Mojo. The guys have been super nice with me. My friend Jhony has caught me few fish and he has cook them on the fire at night. It was very nice to be isolated, away from the crowd, on a small deserted peninsula. We had beautiful sunset. The water was a nice blue, green color. The reef was very beautiful for snorkeling. Most of the corals were alife !



November 8-10:
Staying at my friend place and enjoying visiting around: hidden beautiful beaches, swimming in the river, visiting my friend’s relative, eating good food, having nice rest in a cozy bed. Tomorrow, its time to hit the road again before I’m getting fat ! Everyday, I can see my belly getting bigger. Indonesia are food lover and they love watching me enjoying their food. I need to be careful. If I told them I love this or that, me dream mostly always become tru. I will be very sad to go away. I feel I could continue biking here many other months. They are so many islands to be explored. Each island is a new land to discover. A FB friend of mine has stayed here one year. She is also travelling on her bike. When you enter with a 211 visa (2 monhs), you can extended it 4 times. She went in East Timor island (other country) and she took the same visa another time.

November 11- 12:
Of course, the previous night, Jhony has offered me to join him for a two days motorbike trip. In Indonesia, if you want to please your host, you should always stay one more night…They love having foreign guess. They are feeling so sad when it’s time to go away. I think Jhony has offer me to go on a short trip to delay my departure. He knew I wanted to go back on the road this morning. I could not refused his invitaion, he’s such a nice guy and we have a lot of fun together ! For the ride, I have offered him to share the expense of the petrol. Got shock with his reaction which I was not expected. He told me: no free, I have MONEY. The way he said it, I felt I had offended him. I felt very sorry but in other way, I was also happy of his reaction which in a certain way, was confirming some believing I have. Let me explain myself. As I said, when I travel, I believe into equal relationship. This mean that both parties are enjoying the presence of the other. I think , when you are giving money to your host, you are saying to them they are poor and you are rich. Are we expecting any money when we are receving guess at home. So, why doing this when travelling ! When I travel, I never want to make them feel poor, I think this is agaisnt dignity ! I have spend so many times with locals and they have always offered me what they could afford too. I don’t believe it is good to give money to local. I think this is changing the authentic relation. So, giving money can be offending !

This short trip as been so much fun. We took the same road I came from but, it was much more stunning. We were riding along the coast at sunset time. We spend one night at his home’s friend and the next morning, we have explored the west coast on the bike. It is nice because we took some off road and we went into villages I would never have been able to go. The roads are not event written on my maps.


November 13:
A nice shot of me at 17h 30, in between two steeps hills. My clothes were dam wet !


At night, my host brought me to the river to take a bath. In their home, they had not any running water. We went back the same road I came from. What a surprise ! I had to take a bath in the river i had just cross, the one I though was very smelly…. Wow, now i got too wash myself into it. This is the price je you have to pay sometime when you are staying with local, experiencing their way of living ! You cannot really refused. It would be innapriate to do. I went quickly in and of course, I never have wash my hair. The river did not had any rubbish but the river was stagnant, very hot and had a lot of green weeds. If you are looking at the pic, I had to take a bath !!!!!

November 14:
One of the worst road I have ever went on. I think the worst I had was in Cambodia after moonsoon. The road was flood and we had to cross deep water. Today the road was not flood but the quality of it was terrible for some parts. It took me 10 hrs to do 60 km. The road was on and off on dirt road, had many very short and steep hills. When I have look on the map, I knew that today I would have to climb a mountain but I did not know how big it would be. At 1 oclock, I have reached the bottom of it. I was already exhauted. It took me about 3 hrs to climb it. It was not looking that big on my map. Some parts of the road was under construction and most of it was deserted of any human presence. I saw only few trucks. It was nice to be surronded by wild nature which is very rare in Indonesia. I could hear the animals running deep in the forest when I was passing by. The road condition was horrible. Most of the road was muddy and had loose rocks. As usually, I have pushed my bike for mosly the entire time and it has been very challenging to go down some roads. Good thing, it was raining. So, it was not too too hot but still….Tomorrow, I will reach Yoyo beach. So psyche to have some rest. I have left Sunbawa Besar only 3 days ago but, I’m already feeling exhausted !


Me exhausted, dirty, at the end of the day !!!



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