Bali, North coast

Nothing special to say about my last two days on Java. I took the north road because it was faster. The road was and going trhu differents big towns. Sometime, I feel that riding my bike on boring road is most difficult than biking a nice hard road. About 40 km before the ferry, I could feel Bali was not so far away. The price of the tea had raise up….

October 17:

From, I took the ferry to go to Bali. Not has cost me about a dollar for a 1.5 hrs boat. I always feel a bit nostalgic when I left I place that I had love but always happy to discover a new area.

Bye bye Java !



Here I come Bali !


When I have reached Bali, it was about lunch time. I have stopped in a little warung (small food stall) to order food. What !!!!! It was 3 times the regular price !! She was smiling at me, thinking I would pay this and would be happy to eat a nice tradionnal food for far less I would pay home. My face could tell much and I believe by her face’s expression, she did not understand why I was shocked about this. I knew it was not the real price and it was because I was a foregner. I have struggle with this all day and any places I wanted to eat. Most of the owner of the food stalls tried to charged me at least double !!! Along the way, each time, I could fell inside a me, some bad emotion invading me, as it has happen when I was in Vietnam. Then I told myself: ho no ! I’m not going to go trhu that again (like in vietnam) !! In vietnam, most of the shop owner never wanted to deal and most ofthe time, they did not respect the price they had told me first. I was struggling to get a good price either I was able to speack the same language.Do you think I have been parachute here !! I can speak not bad bahasa Indonesia. This means, I spend time with the locals …not in any tourists areas. I know how its cost ! I hate when they look at me If I was totally wrong and the price I was trying to deal what out of mind ! At night, I went to the Kapala desa’s house. They told me to go way and get a room in guesshouse after having explained my situation. I took my bike and I left. I went a bit futher and ask hospitality to pitch my tent on someonelsee property. The man was happy to receive me. However, her wife, did not show to much interest. Here is what I believe. I don’t mind to pay a little but more for a restaurent or a hotel in a tourist area as long as the price is the same for the locals and the foreigners. At home too, I will pay more if I’m in a tourist area. However, there are no reasons to pay more in a local shop then the local people. Absolutly not ! This is discrimination. Is the millionaire should pay his burger 10 times more in a restaurent  than me in a little food shack in Canada. No ! So, why in some places they are doing this ! And ….it is not like that everywhere..Sorry ! I did not want to censure my toughs lololol !!! Maybe you’ll have a different experience.
October 18:

I left the family this morning without having any breakfast. Usually, I don’t care and I enjoy eating on the road. It so cheap and I can hit the road not to late because it get hot very quick in the morning. This morning, I had the wish to have my breakfast with the family so I would not have to deal with the owners of the food stalls. It did not happen. I left the house a bit pessimist. After few Km….Wow !!!! I found a food stall that had prices written on the wall. It never really happen in Indonesia and now, it happen at the right timing. This is what I needed this morning. I had a nice breakfast and I took two tea !!! Better to take them now and make sure I’m not thursty on the road. I just wanted to go straight to the hotel and I did not want to stop at any other places. I just wanted to have a good day and be in a good mood. Good at the hotel at about 11 am.

Most of people in Bali are Hinddu. Every house has their own temple. Until now, there is one think I like about this place, Bali is smelling good. They are a lot of flowers in the villages and people are buring some incense infront of the temples. This morning, on the road, I have been charm by nice traditionnal balineese music. Along the way, in one of the temples, a groups of young kids were playing traditional music. It was very impressive ! I feel in indonesia, people are pround of their culture. At a very young age, the kids are dressing in traditionnal costumes and they know  how to play traditional music. In Ponorogo, Java, I had also the chance to see a group of young girls performing at school some nice traditional dances. It is not like that home !!! I’m happy to see this here !! And those performances are happening in natural context, outside of any tourist areas.

I had heard that Lovina beach was a nice place on the north coast. I had two choices. Going quick, be frustrated and have only bad memories about Bali or staying here for some nights a nice place and enjoy it a little bit. My plan is to go to Sumbawa island which is located east of Lombok. However, Sumbawa is too to far away and I need to renew my visa in about one week. There are only fews places where I can do it. It means, I need to slow down my pace. So, I have decided to spend 2 nights at lovina beach .

Not too bad for 12,5 $ per night:




I’m only 100 meters form the beach. However, the beach is not so good because the sand is black. So, I enjoy looking at a the sunset while drinking a beer !


Infront of the beach, there is a sailing boat from Canada. Yesterday night, I went for a walk around the restaurents area to try to find them. There are probably on a world tour too. It would have been amazing to spend the evening with them. I’m sure we are sharing a lot….

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