Malang to Bromo national park


October 13:

Early morning, I have left another very nice family in Malang.



Heavy traffic on the morning morning. Everyone is going to work. In Indonesia, because of the morning praying, people wake up between 4-5 am. According to my mom’ reading…and it has been confirmed by my host, there are more than 100 millions of people living on Java island. It should be much more quiet on Lombok and Sumbawa ! Much more ! It will be lovely and a totally different scenery ! I’m very excited but I need to told myself to enjoy the moment present.

I knew the road to get on the top of Bromo national park would not be easy. To enjoy the ride, I told myself I would do it in two days. I got at Ngadas’s village at around 17h 00. Ngadas is located at about 2500 above see level. I think I have climb more than 1500 m. in only 15- 20 km. The road got very step. However, the road in the park was quiet, nice and green. They had no house. Only me, the nature and once in a while, few motorbikes.



When I got in Ngadas, I felt I was not far away from Bromo which is a base from a lot of tourist who want to trek Gunung Semero or see Gunung Bromo. Along the way, motorbike were asking me If I wanted a place to stay for the night. I had plan to go again to the Kapala desa’s house but I had some dought because it was feeling very touristique. Would he ask to host me for free ! When I found the Kapala desa’s house, it was written above his frontdoor, homestay. I’m not sure If he had an homestay or if it was the neiborhood’s homestay. Whatever, I sat few minutes with his wife and a member of his family. The Kapala desa was not yet home. Her wife offered me a nice warm tea. Then, I have explained my situation and told me I wanted to sleep in my tent for the night for free. When I told them I was travelling for a year and that I could not afford a hoemstay every night, she has nicely offered me a spot beside her house. I feel the indonesian people likes to help. They always do. At night, they gave me a dinner. Plus, one of the neiborhood’s women has offered me a room in her guesshouse for free. She could not believe I would sleep in my tent. She though it would be too cold fro me. Then, I have politly refused because I tough it would be unfair (I could have paid the room). I was happy to have my own space and I was happy to sleep in a colder place. To reassure her, I show her my warm slepping bad and remind her I was from Canada 😉 I did not have such a good sleep since a while ! After dinner, when I went to sleep in my tent, I had an orange infront of my door ( I think the kids did).

October 14:
This morning, two men have been very generous and kind. One gave me a big bunch of banada and the other one, a bag full of small donut buns for the road. When I left Ngadas, I was very positive about the day. People had told me that I had only 12 Km to do to reach Cemero Lawa. A little climb, down, flat for a while and a very short up ! Great, easy !

Today has been another hard ride. The climb was not short. I may have climbed for more than an hour…

Then, the road on the way down was not what I was expecting. I though I would be riding with the wind in my hair…It has been a little bit more little challenging. I had to be careful for my foot.


Then, it got worse…


Beside the main road, I found a very small path. The soil was a little bit harder which allowed me to bike a little bit. I did it for only few undren meters…not much lolol


Then, I had to push my bike over a big ocean of light dusty sand with no single tracks. I had to look far away to see where the motorbikes were coming from to avoid going off road. I think I have pushed my bike more than 2 hours… (2 km per hours..). Only motorbike and 4 x4 were crossing it. I was the only one on bike !!!


I was exhausted. It was windy, no tracks. The sand was sometime burning my feet (I wear clipping sandal). I did not had any good view of gunung Bromo. Many people have stop, were wandering again WT… ! I was doing there. Actually, when I have arrived infront of this big ocean, I was thinking the same thing lololol. Many people have stop to see if I was ok, If I needed help or a ride to Cemero Lawa. Everytime: Tidak, terima kasih (no, thank). Only one guy try to took advantage of my situation. He has offered me a ride to Cemero Lawa for about 10 dollars and told me it was 20 km (it was 2 km away). A man, that I had previoulsy meet an hour ago and I had told him I was thursty, brought me back a bottle of water and a coke without I had ask him anythin. This is Indonesia !

I have sucessly reached Cemero Lawa at 13h 00 after two youngs men have help me to push my bike for the last short and very steep hill. Just for this short one, many time, they have ask me to stop because they were exhausted !!!! I understand 😉

For the night, I have pitch my tent behing the lava view Hotel. I had a very good view in the morning on Bromo. It was majic ! A ocean of cloud wich disappear later in the morning. You can see what I have cross with my bike (sand lololol).





Then, did a nice descent of 2500 meters down to see level (40 km). I bet there are not so many places in the world you have to get off of your bike to go down a hill !!! At night, I took my first hotel room. I was so exhausted. I did not want to stay with anyone. I sleep from 16h 30 to 5h in the morning lololol


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