Got in Kuala Lumpur without to much problems. I had the royal’s service at the airport. At first, I was worry about flying with my injured foot because I hade never experience the reduce mobility’s assistance at any airports. Actually, I never tought about it. I never tought about it because… I had never got any injuries. I was so proud to say, No, never twist or broke any parts of my body NEVER !!! And now, I did and did it while I was dancing and im biking. I can not even tell about a good bycicle story (just a stupid accident). While I was worry, my friend reminded me that this kind of service was available at the airport and they would help me to transit from one place to the other one. In Kazakstan, I had to transit to another airplne. When I went out to go down the stairt, what a surprise to see the airport’s ambulance. They were waiting for me. As a positive point of view, I could say that one time in my life, I have expereince the business class service…going first on the line and never wait without paying any extra !! Good ! When I got at the Kuala Lumpur, the reduce mobility’s assitance brought me to the taxi. Then took the taxi to my friend’s house. I have stayed with a warmd shower’s host. He had told me I could stay with his family until my foot get better.

I was very happy to be back in South East Asia and Malaysia. I was here in 2007 but…had a little bit of mood swing because I was kind of stock. I was able to walk but not too much. I was missing the road and getting bored of just walking from one food stall to the other one. Also, what a contrats. Suddently, compare to Central Asia; South Eats Asia, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur was looking like a wealthy country. All the road were paves and in very good condition, the traffic was not crazy dangerous, my taxi’s driver was driving slowy, Mc Do, KFC restaurent…very nice hotels…The bus driver was giving receive. Everything was looking so well organised !

Malaysia is a great country with so much cultural varieties. Malay, Chineese and Indian people are all living together. Malaysia has delicious food !! I ate so much !!! There are food stalls at very corner. If I don’t go back on the bike soon, I’m going to tell you what… I’m going to take back I the weight I had lost in Central asia !! Dam it 😉 !!! One thing I have also enjoyed in Malaysia… most people are eating with their hands. Never eat with your left hand. We, Westerner are so clean but, what a great experience to eat with your hands. I always tought myself I would do it back home when I came back from my previous long journey…and I never did it ! You should try. Yes, you’ll get your hand very dirty but to me, the food taste MUCH better when I’m using my hand. Eating is a great sensorial experience. Try it ! Bad thing… Since 2007, the price has significantly increased. In 2007, a fry rice use to cost about .50 $. Now, the price has at least double. Its not bad but…In Malaysia, most people are Muslim. Its seem to be more strict than in Central Asia which I did not felt it too much. Here, most of the Malay women are all cover up. You don’t see any hair and their head it tighly cover with a hijab. One night, got very surprise to notice that when its the prayer time, they swtich the television program show to a praying’s scenes (scene of the Mecca in Souadi Arabia)

Everyone have been very helpful with me. In my friend’s neiborhood, most of the time, someone (boy and girl) was stopping and was looking after me. Where are you going ! I’ll bring you ! They always gave me a short ride on their motorcycles or cars. For the past weeks, I could also say that my foot has been a good medium to interact with people. Not that it hard to me to get any interactions but I think for them, I was a nice way to introduce themself to me. The interaction with the local people was also easy because impressivly, I have learned again very quickly their langage. Now, I can say about more than 15 sentences. I can also answer to their questions. This langage is very easy because they are using the same alphabet and we, English and French’s speacking people are using the same prononciation as they do. Nothing like vietnamese, Thai or Chineese langage. They were very surprise and happy to talk with me !!!

Because I get got bored in Kuala Lumpur, I have decided to espace the city to go to Pulau Tioman, an island located 50 km away from the east coast. In Malaysia, most of the beautiful islands are located on the East coast. Plus, I would also say that most of the beautiful towns are also located on the east coast. They are many islands but because I’m on a small budget because I’m off salary for one year, I went back to the same island. Bigger island are always cheaper than smaller island. When I got at Salang beach, I did not recognised the place. Much more buiding then it use to be. I almost got desappointed. The good thing was that I got a bungalow at the end of the beach so, it was much quiet and I knew the owner because it was where I had stay the previous time. And, the point was not to go around but relaxe my feet. The owner’s son gave me a nice painful foot massage. I think it did help to active the blood circulation of my foot. The next morning, my foot was not as painful as it use to be when I frist put my foot on the floor. At night, I meet some other tourists but…felt very lonely with them. I felt I did not share anything in commun with those people. I was missing those nights with my friends in Central Asia (trekkers, cyclists..). Something, I prefer to be alone rather then in bad compagny. You know, when you are talking and people are not really paying attention about what ou are saying. You can easily notice it…

At the last minute, I have booked a flight with Garuda airline to Indonesia. The price was raising very quicky and I was afraid that if I was wainting more, it would be too much pricy. Plus, I wanted to be in Bangkok at the end of November, so I had to fly soon to Indonesia. I can only extend once my visa (aloowed me to stay max 2 months). I had decide to fly with this airline because of their new policy. Garuda airline has now a new policy allowing 30 kg + free of charge for the bicycle. I was last minute, I just wrap my bike in a plastic…

Indonesia is a volcanic island.I have been told by other cyclists that it take time to cover short distances because its very hilly. I was very excited to go in Indonesia…but also a bit stress. Most people have really enjoy biking there but as in India, it seem to be a country of contrast. Most of cyclists seems to suffer from the people’s intrusions (there are people everywhere and they are very curious). But, very very nice people ! Will see !!! It took me also some time to decide where I would go first. The flight to Jakarta was very cheap but so many people have recommend me to avoid Jakarta’s region because of the traffic. Their are many bad thing that can be told about facebook but…after having post a message on a cycling community, an indonesian fellow wrote me and suggest me to start my journey in his home town (Yogyakarta). He has offered me a place to stay at his house. He’s also riding his bike for long distance travel in Indonesia. Yogyakarta is located in central Java’s (south coast of Java’s island) located about 650 + Km from Despasar Bali. I have only one month visa and I can renew it in Bali. So, about one month to cover this distance trhu small villages’ roads and volcano national park (very hilly). I did not want to be in the rush. I just wanted to enjoy the ride, to be able to enjoy time with local people and get my anwle worst.

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