15 weeks to go

Only 15 weeks to go ! My very good friend Martine Larochelle is joining the trip for the first 5 weeks. It will be her first bike trip.  I’m nervous. She knows… We have never travelled together and hopefully she’ll like my style. Our daily budget should be around 7 $ a day. Every month, I set aside 700 $. I should have about 6 000 $ for a year.  I’m very happy to share these moments with her and we are both very excited to go. The plan is to take a flight to Venise, to take a train to Trieste in Italy and then, to travel in Croatia…..Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria…. She’ll flight back to Canada from Istanbul. I hope that it won’t be to hard for her to go back to the reality. Then, I’ll be biking toward the east. The plan is to be late summer in the Stan (Turmekistan, Ouzbekistan, Tadjikistan…). I want s to bike so bad the Pamir highway ! This road is the ultimate goal for any adventurious bikers. I’m very excited but, I’m so nervous about that. Not about the people. I’m nervous to meet drunk man on the road while I’m alone. This area is famous for good and cheap Vodka ! I have a lot of experience son the road. This time,  I’ll be on my own.

Just got my official letter from my job. One  year off. Thank to Annie-Claude Tardif. She’s my boss at Pavillon du Parc. She knows that a happy person is a good worker ! Thing are not easy at work, many kids….everyone is so busy right now. Also,  I’ve just finished two courses at university. I was very busy, working hard but,  it paid off. Only one more course to go, 15 weeks and I’m gone. So Psyched !!!!!!! So bad ! I’m waiting for that moment since about 7 years. When I’ll come back, I will have one more year to go at university. I did not want to finish my university before to go.  It seems to be the perfect timing right now in my life. No children, no man….School can wait. If I wait, we never know what can happen.

1 an sans-solde

Thank to all my sponsors ! The trip is very costly, more than I was expecting. All my gears are old. Any kind of help is appreciated ! Please, you can contact me if you which to help me.  Also, don’t be shy to share that link with anyone. Who knows.  Thank to Jean-François, the owner of bicyclette de Hull. Jean-François has helped us (me and my ex) in a previous  trip. When I told Jean-François about that trip,  he was very  happy to help me again. I also applied for a sponsorship with MEC. I should have a answer beginning of March. Hopefully, it will work.


So busy right now. Many things to think ( equipements, sponsors, money, what to do with my car / furnitures.., doctor’s appointement….). The list is big.I’m learning how to create blog. WordPress is friendly use but when you use it for the first time,  it’s very different. Thank to Greg Tilley for helping me with that. I’m also writing a book. Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish the book . My book will be the mirroir of all  my toughts and personnal experiences through the trip. I’m also planning to record the trip. I’d love  projecting a film on big screen. The whole trip’s planification is very exciting. I learn so many news things. Big challenges but I’m ready.

                                     wordpress work

Next week, I’m starting a spinning’s classes with Martine. Thank to Michel Audet from le Centre sportif de l’Université du Québec en Outaouais. No training is necessary when you travel on a bike. However, I have encountered some minor problems with my knees in the past. I believe it may help if I ride a little bite during winter time in order to prevent injuries. The bike will be very heavy. I’ll be the only one to carry everything.


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